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Halloween Happenings

Halloween in Hale is unlike any other. Not only are we working all week on presentations for Halloween Reviews, but we are also racing to build our costumes in time. We decided to be Mr. Potato Heads for Halloween. We can’t remember exactly why we chose Mr. Potato Heads, but we all thought it would be hilarious and ran with the idea.

This year, the guest reviewers were Marlon Blackwell, Mike Newman, and Katrina Van Valkenburgh. They made us think hard about what elements we want to keep inside the courtyard and how to improve the existing. Presenting a project becomes a lot harder when you are inside a giant Mr. Potato Head, but we made it work.

Teams do their best to keep their costumes a secret, which makes the big Halloween reveal all the more fun. It was great to get caught up on what everyone has been working on and celebrate our hard work!

Time to Reggie-fy

Hello from Reggie’s Home team! After demoing the existing structure on our site, the past two weeks we have been sorting the wood from the rest of the construction materials. We have only put the construction materials in the dumpster in order to maximize the used space and have taken the wood off site.

Aerial view of site after demolition

Along with finishing clearing off our site, we have been busy with reviews every Friday. On October 25th we had a review with Ada and Giuseppe from Lot-ek in New York City. Through this presentation our team was given advice on how to present our research and case studies to the scale of our project. They also helped us realized that we needed to start thinking about what Reggie envisions and approach our design in an unconventional way.

Presenting to Lot-ek

For our BIG HALLOWEEN REVIEW we had Marlon Blackwell, Katrina Van Valkenburgh, and Mike Newman come to Newbern. After taking them on a journey from space to Reggie’s property we got a lot of insight on how to begin our design. One of the key factors was to take the concepts of our case studies and apply them to fit Reggie’s needs (Reggie-fy them).

We also had our annual pumpkin carve!
Building our costumes
Presenting for Halloween Reviews

We plan to start our design by looking at Reggie’s desire to live outside and starting our narrative from there.

This week we will get our dumpster off site and finally begin our site survey!! When not on site we will continue to Reggie-fy our case studies and get our design juices flowing.

Reggie-fying our case studies

That’s all we have for now! See you next week!

Reggie’s Home Team

Come work with us!

We’re hiring for another position in Newbern! We’re looking for a Tech, Academic Trades person to perform various trades tasks and maintenance for the Rural Studio properties and vehicles. The tech will also provide trade instruction to students.

This is a temporary position, which is a great way to showcase your professional skills and assist Rural Studio while gaining valuable work experience within higher education.

Visit for more information on this position or several dozen other job opportunities with Auburn University! War Eagle!

Happy Halloween Reviews

The Halloween Reviews week is here! This week for the big review, the 3rd-years presented their 20K design and research for 20K Ophelia’s Home. Much of the busy week was spent in preparation for the Thursday review and their group costume, the “Last Supper.”

The 3rd-years finished their final quilting blocks in the elective class just in time to be hung and presented alongside their initial renderings. Aaron Head (local artist) returned to lead a sticking workshop on Wednesday as the students begin the process of actually “quilting” the quilt top, batting, and bottom together. Those couple hours of stitching were so peaceful, a pleasant break from studio work.

As Halloween grew closer, the students rapidly worked to finalize plan details, construction documents, and presentation flow.

On that hallowed day, guest reviewers Marlon Blackwell, Mike Newman, and Katrina Van Valkenburgh, alongside Rural Studio faculty, probed the students about the decisions they made behind their work, gave insightful critiques, and encouraged the 3rd-years in their research to improve the design of 20K Ophelia’s Home. Overall the review was a success! 

And the students did enjoy itself all the while! The reviews of the 5th-year and master’s students were extremely interesting and engaging (not typically a word used to describe review days) and it was great to see what the rest of Red Barn was up to. Tuesday was the annual community Pumpkin Carve with the Halloween celebrations and costume contest on Thursday. The disciples definitely enjoyed themselves. 

Horseshoe Homes Celebration November 09, 2019!

Almost time for a BIG celebration!!! The Horseshoe Homes project team has been busy wrapping up the finishing touches for the special day…only 11 days to go!

Join Project Horseshoe Farm and Auburn University Rural Studio for the ribbon cutting on Saturday, November 9th! Meet us at the PHF Headquarters at 1202 Main Street in downtown Greensboro at 11:30 a.m. to walk over to the site.

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible! War Eagle!!!