Stoop Kids

Posing on the stoop of Dave's Revised Home

These past couple of weeks, while we’ve been collecting and analyzing data, we’ve also been doing a bit of construction work. We built a stoop for the back entrance of the Revised Home!

The back stoop, made up of a wooden deck-board platform and a concrete step, helps bridge the tall transition from our back door down to the ground plane.

Construction for the stoop only lasted a few days, and we can now enjoy a safe exit as well as a nice place to rest behind our house.

Never leaving the stoop,

The 20Kv22 Team

Week 11 Day 3

Building v21
A construction series
Week 11 day 3
Step 57: Install roof metal
We got all the roof metal and flashing installed. It was a long day, but worth it! We beat the rain and got the roof installed
That’s all for today!
v21 Team