Big thanks to Lauren Danley for her help fabricating the windows for Newbern Town Hall; they look great! Check out this and other posts on the Newbern Town Hall blog.


Window Fabrication.

There are many great opportunities at Rural Studio. Recently, we had an opportunity to work with Lauren Danley, a steel fabricator, on the fabrication and assembly of our windows. The windows are made of steel angle frames (frame within a frame within a frame within a frame, that’s four frames total) that will hang on the timber walls like picture frames.

Lauren, based in Charlottesville, Va, owns Metal Inc. and does custom design projects where she collaborates with architects and designers. She donated her time and came to Hale County, where she set up a temporary fabrication shop in the abandoned Newbern Elementary School Building.

Check out her work, and look at the amazing results of our collaboration.