Gorilla(s) in Newbern? Probably not.

Over the past few days, the Rural Studio staff and students have received multiple emails and phone calls after a news story came out alleging that there was a rogue gorilla (or gorillas) in Newbern. (You can see other accounts here and here.) After a couple of day of reports, it seems that there have been no further advancements in the case, and the Hale County Sheriff’s Office is considering the matter to be unfounded. However, if you’re interested in more of “Gorillamania 2012,” you can see half of the Newbern Town Hall team (who has been working through Spring Break) in this video about the gorilla siting.

UPDATE! No gorillas have been sited in Newbern, but that doesn’t stop Stephen Colbert from joining in on the fun that is Gorillamania 2012. See his report here, but be forewarned, you might be offended if you are an Alabamian, republican, and/or money.

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