20K City Challenge

Rural Studio aims to build eight 20K Houses to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to reach our $160,000 goal by December 6, 2013! To that end, we challenge YOU, the alumni and friends of Rural Studio, to organize within your city and compete head-to-head with other cities in a no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all battle to be the FIRST CITY TO REACH $20,000 and the CITY TO RAISE THE MOST MONEY before December 6, 2013.

What is a 20K House?

The 20K house project began in 2005 as an ongoing Rural Studio research project to address the need for affordable housing in Hale County and accommodating potential homeowners who are unable to qualify for commercial credit. Since then, the 20K House has evolved to become a well-built, beautiful and affordable house for everyone. This year, the Studio will also build several 2-bedroom models. For more information, check out our website and the 20K House blog.

How do I help?

1. Go to www.supportruralstudio.com.

2.Make a donation

3. Keep track of your city’s progress every Friday right here and on Rural Studio’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Who Can Compete?

Everyone. Represent your city proudly with a gift to Rural Studio!


Now through December 6, 2013.


The FIRST CITY TO REACH $20,000 and the CITY TO RAISE THE MOST MONEY BY DECEMBER 6, 2013 will each have a 20K House named after their city… talk about civic pride! Winning cities will also receive special recognition at Soup Roast on December 7, 2013, bragging rights and the knowledge that their gift supported the construction of a home for our Hale County neighbors.

The LARGEST INDIVIDUAL DONOR will win a choice between these extraordinary experiences:

- Dinner with Johnny Parker*
- 16 hours of reviews with Andrew Freear at Red Barn**
- 1 week of doing landscape maintenance at Lions Park***
- Cook the pig for our Super Pig Roast, April 26, 2014****

*just a joke

**without lunch or bathroom breaks

***includes weeding

****could also include pig selection and processing

If you would like your gift to count towards another city than the one listed on your receipt, please email Natalie at buttsnr@auburn.edu.

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