4 Days ‘Til Pig Roast

This year, to celebrate all we’ve got going on in our twentieth year, we will be celebrating Pig Roast beginning the evening of Friday April 25 and continuing trough Saturday April 26. You can find the calendar of events on our website. Hope to see you here!

Regions Bank visit

Back in February, Regions Bank came down for a visit to Rural Studio. Regions has been a supporter of the 20K House project for several years. The Regions folks were able to tour around to several Rural Studio projects before eating lunch at Morrisette House. The tour ended with a visit to the 20K model homes and a conversation about the direction of the 20K House project.

Spring Garden

Eric, our fantastic gardener, has braved wind, snow and rain this year in the Morrisette garden. His efforts are now paying off, as he has been harvesting some great food for us as of late. Fresh carrots, kale and lettuce have been showing up in our recent lunches, as well as a number of other things from our garden. Thanks, Eric!

Lectures this Thursday: Taylor, Perkes and Hopfner

Thursday (April 10) will close out the RS20 lecture series! As the grand finale, we have a triple-header! Representatives from several of our fellow community design programs will be joining us to share their stories. Our guests include Emilie Taylor from Tulane City Center, David Perkes from Gulf Coast Community Design Studio and Adam Hopfner from Yale’s Jim Vlock First Year Building Project. Their lectures will begin at 7:30 on the Great Hall at Morrisette House.

Plywood Donation!

Our thanks go out to Scotch Plywood for donating 200 sheets of 3/4” tongue & groove plywood to Rural Studio! The day it arrived, we loaded some into storage and some went directly to construction sites, where it will be used in our new two-bedroom 20K Houses. Thanks, Scotch Plywood!

Autodesk Foundation supports Rural Studio 

We are very grateful that the Autodesk Foundation chose to support Rural Studio and the 20K House project as one of their four pilot grants in their Impact Design Program. To learn more about the Autodesk Foundation, watch this video, or visit their new website. Thanks for your support, Autodesk Foundation!

A few weeks ago, our current 5th Year and Outreach students finally got to meet their clients! Each team presented a model and drawings to their clients. Since that time, we’ve had a fair amount of rain, which has hampered the construction progress. However, we are hopeful that the weather will clear up soon and we’ll have some framing to show you soon!

Dan Rockhill lectures Tuesday

Dan Hill, of Rockhill and Associates and Studio 804, will be lecturing tomorrow night (April 8). His lecture will begin at 7:30pm at Newbern Town Hall.

Dumez, Decker and Wigglesworth lecture this week

We have a double-header lecture coming up this Thursday (April 3) featuring Steve Dumez of Eskew Dumez Ripple and Roy Decker of Duvall Decker. Their lectures will begin at 7:30pm at Newbern Town Hall.

Then, on Friday (April 4), Sarah Wigglesworth will lecture at Town Hall. Her lecture will begin at 5:30pm.


Last Saturday, Rural Studio hosted its first-ever Springfest, a sit-down dinner to celebrate with our local friends and colleagues and also to celebrate the Rural Studio Farm. Scott Peacock, friend and chef, and a crew of dedicated friends and volunteers helped prepare our family-style dinner (that is, if your family had around 150 people). The dinner was excellent, as was the company. Thanks to all of those who helped prepare the event and also to those who attended.