Our 21st year has begun! Welcome new students to the Rural Studio family. It’s going to be another extraordinary year!!!

Last week we kicked off the new year with Convocation, project tours, and SEVEN project openings. Now, it’s Neckdown Week…Stay tuned!

Rural Studio had a big (and hot!) weekend celebrating the Grand Opening of the Greensboro Boys & Girls Club AND six 20K Houses for our neighbors Rose Lee, Jason, Idella, Michele, Bobby, and Sylvia.

Thank you to everyone who made it all possible - parents, students, teachers, administrators, donors, clients, local leaders, and neighbors. Your support makes these incredible projects possible! We are so proud of the work and dedication of these extraordinary students.

Check out their project blogs to learn more about how they made it happen. Greensboro Boys & Girls Club and the 20K Houses

World Photo Day: Tim Hursley by Andrew Freear of Rural Studio 

Thank you ArchDaily for honoring our incredible photographer Timothy Hursley for World Photo Day! 

"Tim Hursley’s photography has evolved with Rural Studio, and the studio’s work, as viewed by the world, has evolved through his lens. When Tim shows up in Newbern, he gently turns his visits into an event for us and our neighbors. With his big cameras, the longtime Arkansas resident captures our projects’ aims, the spirit of our community, and the atmosphere of Hale County. Tim takes great joy in the people and the way they inhabit and change the projects over the years." - Andrew Freear

The GRAND OPENING of the Greensboro Boys & Girls Club and tours of our new two-bedroom 20Ks will be held this Saturday, August 23. Come join us!

2:00PM | Meet at Morrisette House (Tour departs from Morrisette promptly at 2:10PM)

2:30PM | Tour Rose Lee & Jason’s 20K Houses

3:30PM | Tour 20K v.16 Idella’s House and 20K v.15 Michele’s House

4:20PM | Tour 20K v.14 Bobby’s House

5:10PM | Tour 20K v.13 Sylvia’s House

6:00PM | Greensboro Boys & Girls Club Opening

Dinner to follow will be first come, first served.

This summer garden production has stepped up tremendously.  Our harvest so far includes:

200 pounds of tomatoes

66 garlic bulbs

60 pounds of carrots

50 pounds okra

50 cucumbers

50 jalapenos

20 squash

20 sweet peppers

12 eggplants

8 purple bell peppers

3 quarts of peas

and a lot of basil, chives, rosemary, deer-tongue lettuce, and sunflowers

We’re still waiting for sweet potatoes, beans, and spinach. Eric’s also been saving seeds from the spring including: lettuce, arugula, radishes, and sunflowers. The garden also has a fancy new compost tumbler thanks to a kind and generous donor!

Lions Park Scout Hut in Architectural Record 

In July’s issue of Architectural Record, we are happy to see that the recently-completed Boy Scout Hut was featured as part of their ‘Building with Wood’ article. We couldn’t be happier with the article. Congratulations the student team: Tyler Allgood, Sarah Al-Rukhayyes, Jamin Pendergraft and Elizabeth Whitlock!

Re-Enchanting the World Exhibition

Rural Studio is part of an exhibition currently on view in Paris at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine. The exhibition, ‘Re-Enchanting the World,’ was designed in collaboration with winners of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. Our very own Elena Barthel worked on Rural Studio’s contribution to the exhibition, which will run through October 6, 2014. From the museum’s press release:

Re-enchanting the world is an exhibition-manifesto on the future of the inhabited world, designed with the prizewinning architects of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. As the years have gone by, these architects have created a research, experimentation, questioning stage, recognized in the worldwide debate on large-scale transitions – ecological, demographic or urban.

Born and Raised in Hale County - Architectural Record 

Our 20th Anniversary Pig Roast celebration made it into this month’s issue of Architectural Record! Click on the link above to view the online article.

Rural Studio, specifically the 20K House project, is featured in an exhibition entitled ‘Design for Social Impact’ at the Museum of Design Atlanta. This Thursday evening (May 29) they will be hosting an exhibition reception from 7:30-9:30pm; tickets are available here. The exhibit runs until August 3. From the Museum of Design Atlanta:

Based on the idea that design is a way of looking at the world with an eye for changing it, Design for Social Impact offers a look at how designers, engineers, students, professors, architects, and social entrepreneurs are using design to solve the problems of the 21st century. The exhibition will feature projects that address a variety of challenges in areas of shelter, community, education, healthcare, energy, and food & water.

Pig Roast Day 2:

20K House

The 20th Anniversary Year at Rural Studio focused largely on the 20K House project. Our 3rd Year, 5th Year and Outreach students all focused on this Rural Studio research project for their year of study. The 3rd Year students, along with instructors Xavier Vendrell, John Marusich and Alex Henderson, selected, modified and built two 20K Houses for Rose Lee and her son Jason. The four 5th Year and Outreach teams each designed and are in the process of building a 2-bedroom 20K House. In addition to the house that they have designed, they also helped the Studio build two 20K ‘model homes’ (replicas of Mac’s House and Joanne’s House) that will be used to show parties interested in the 20K House as it turns from project to product.